A, a

n (pl A's, a's / eIz; ez/) 1 the first letter of the English alphabet 英语字母表的第一个字母: `Ann' begins with (an) A/`A'. Ann一字以A字母开始. 2 (music 音) the sixth note in the scale of C major C大调音阶中的第六音或音符. 3 academic mark indicating the highest standard of work 学业成绩达最高标准的评价符号: get (an) A/`A' in biology 生物(学科)得A. 4 (used to designate a range of standard paper sizes 用以标明一系列标准纸张的规格): [attrib 作定语] an A4 folder A4纸张大小的文件夹 即297 x 210 mm. 5 (idm 习语) A1 / 7eI 5wQn; `e`wQn/(infml 口) excellent; first rate 极好的; 头等的; 第一流的: an 7A1 5dinner 一顿美餐 * I'm feeling A1, ie very well. 我身体好极了. from A to B from one place to another 从一处到另一处: I don't care what a car looks like as long as it gets me from A to B. 我倒不在乎汽车的样子, 只要能把我从一处载到另一处就行了. from A to Z from beginning to end; thoroughly 从头到尾; 彻底地: know a subject from A to Z 精通一科目.